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English for kids: Playground games for everyone

CONTINGUT PUBLICITARI. El TOT Sant Cugat ofereix cada setmana, gràcies a Àgora Sant Cugat IS, continguts en anglès perquè els més petits de la casa aprenguin la llengua mentre llegeixen i s'ho passen bé

By ASCIS, Agora Patufet Infant School & Àgora Sant Cugat International School

When playing traditional games, children have an incredible capacity to be creative; in contrast to when they are taught games in PE where the rules are fixed, and in the playground they can influence how games are played. 

Children have the freedom to be themselves in the playground, unrestricted by the rules and regulations of adults and when it comes to rules, children often have their own for games or they find ways to make them more cooperative and fair or just more fun!

Here are some more playground games – why not try them yourselves?!

Alumnes de l'Agora IS jugant al pati FOTO: Cedida


A person is picked to be the leader. The person stands with his/her back to the rest of the players who stand 10 metres back from him/her. The leader calls a letter of the alphabet (for example “a”). If a player’s name contains that letter the player can move a step forward. 

The number of steps forward depends on the number of that letter in his/her name. The leader continues calling out letters until someone reaches the leader. The first person to reach the leader then becomes the leader. 


One child is chosen to be “IT” (or the child who runs around tagging people!) and everyone decides which areas are out-of-bounds (this will provide a contained space for the children to play in). 

The “IT” child then closes his/her eyes and counts to 10 and during this time, the other children run and hide. Once the “IT” child has finished counting, s/he opens his/her eyes and runs around trying to find and tag other kids. To tag someone, the “IT” child must touch a player’s arm, shoulder or back. Children can move around as they are being chased to avoid being tagged. 

Once the “IT” child tags a player, that player must stand with their feet apart as if “frozen” in place. 

To become unfrozen, another player must crawl under the frozen child’s legs without being tagged. The game comes to an end when everyone is frozen. The last person to get tagged becomes the next “IT” child


The game can be played with several players or alone. Players throw a small object (e.g. a stone) into numbered spaces of a pattern of rectangles outlined on the ground and then hop or jump through the spaces to pick up the object and return back to the beginning again.

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