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Com fer un origami en 10 passos

CONTINGUT PUBLICITARI. El TOT Sant Cugat ofereix cada setmana, gràcies a Àgora Sant Cugat IS, continguts en anglès perquè els més petits de la casa aprenguin la llengua mentre llegeixen i s'ho passen bé

English for kids: By ASCIS, Agora Patufet Infant School & Àgora Sant Cugat International School.

Origami from ori, meaning “folding”, and kami, meaning “paper”, is the art of paper folding and is often associated with the Japanese culture. It can bring hours of fun for both adults and children and teaches everyone a number of skills and the art of patience too!

Origami can strengthen an understanding on geometric concepts, improve spatial visualization and thinking skills using hands-on learning, mathematical concepts such as fractions, science concepts, problem solving and succeeding through trial and error and just plain fun as hands and minds work together!

How to Make a Water Lily Step-By-Step

1.  Start with white side up. Fold diagonally both ways and open.

2. Fold each corner into the centre.

3. Fold each corner into the centre once again.

4. For a third time, fold each corner into the centre.

5.  Turn model over and fold each corner into the centre.

6. Fold each corner inwards a small amount.

7.  To form the petals, press down on the point shown, while slowly pulling the petal from behind, to the front. It’s almost like turning the corner “inside out”. Repeat on all corners.

8. The second set of petals are formed the same way, but the corner from the point shown.

9. The third set doesn’t need to be turned “inside out”, just folded normally from below the first set.

10. Finished water lily!

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